"Long straight vectors are boring."


The Evolution of SIMD (a first draft)
Observations of the Past and Suggestions for the Future
-1. We are Still in the Stone Age of Computing (foreword)
0. Abstract
1. The Meaning of "To Vectorize" (introduction)
2. Assessing the Expressive Eloquence of a SIMD ISA (here is the beef)
3. Expressive Eloquence - What??? (a philosphical detour)
4. Three ways in which VPSPLIT sucks (addendum)

Vectorize It! (a work in slow progress)
An Introduction to SIMD Programming
0. Abstract
1. 10000ft View
2. Analytical View
3. Thinking in Parallel - Finding Data Parallelism
4. Thinking in Parallel - Getting a Feel for the Hardware
5. Thinking in Parallel - Shaping the Algorithm

Optimize It! (a work in need of progress ...)

The Boar Project
Quadrics for Realtime Raytracing

Tech notes:
Intersecting Arbitrary Quadrics with Arbitrary Polyhedra (2. Dec. 2010)

Remotely related:
jugCLer, a raytracing demo in OpenCL

Other irrelevant stuff:

The inevitable Mandelbrot images, but this time with a special (lack of) twist!
Musings on Virtual Worlds in blog form.
A new crop of three-dimensional fractal, the Riemandelettuce.